Drafting of contracts / Contractual documents The best way to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of an agreement are adhered to, is to reduce them to a written contract / agreement.  We believe that a properly drafted agreement can h

The relationship between Tenant and Landlord may give rise to a number of issues which require legal intervention.  We can provide assistance in the following areas: Eviction Applications in instances where Tenants unlawfully occupy proper

Family Law is constantly developing and is never stationary.  The rights and responsibilities of the parties to a marriage and a family often leads to complex issues arising.  We can assist you with the expertise necessary to navigate and r

Bail Applications (24 hours): Not all bail applications have to be heard in Court.  Certain offences fall under different schedules which allow an Attorney to bring a bail applications whilst an arrested person is still in police custody and

Rescission of Judgement: An application of this nature is needed once judgment has been taken against you or your business.  We can assist with having the judgment rescinded by applying to the court on your behalf. Debt Collection: We h
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