Rescission of Judgement:

An application of this nature is needed once judgment has been taken against you or your business.  We can assist with having the judgment rescinded by applying to the court on your behalf.

Debt Collection:

We have extensive expertise and an excellent track record in the collection of debt that is owed to our clients.  We achieve this through a knowledge and understanding of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, together with practical legal measures against debtors.

Testamentary and Intervivos Trusts:

Trusts are a means of the protection of assets from the misuse thereof.  We can assist with the creation of both types of trusts.

The Testamentary Trust:

  • This is created by a clause in a Will upon the death of an individual.
  • The Trust is used to protect the assets for the use of the beneficiaries thereof.
  • It may also provide for the use of the assets by a surviving spouse or partner until their death at which point it will be passed on to a pre-determined beneficiary.


The Intervivos Trust:

  • This is created whilst the creator thereof is still alive.
  • It is useful in the protection of assets from creditors.
  • The Trust may be used to protect the interests of vulnerable persons, such as mentally incapacitated children and minor children.


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