Bail Applications (24 hours):

Not all bail applications have to be heard in Court.  Certain offences fall under different schedules which allow an Attorney to bring a bail applications whilst an arrested person is still in police custody and has not as yet appeared in court.

Trial Proceedings:

After the bail application we will assist you in the proceedings leading up to the stage where an accused person has to please guiltily or not.

Should you be found guilty and / or receive a sentence which is shockingly inappropriate, we will assist you up until the High Court of Appeal in order to bring either an application in respect of appealing the matter or a petition therefore.

Unlawful Arrest:

In some cases, a person is arrested under circumstances where there is just not enough evidence and they are released before the trial process even commenced or a person is found not guilty by a court of law.  We then assist in holding the National Prosecuting Authority and / or the South African Police Service accountable for monetary compensation.




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