Family Law is constantly developing and is never stationary.  The rights and responsibilities of the parties to a marriage and a family often leads to complex issues arising.  We can assist you with the expertise necessary to navigate and resolve these issues.  We offer the following services:


  • Drafting of Ante-Nuptial Contracts to regulate the marital property regime of spouses.  The different matrimonial property regimes attract specific legal consequences, so it is therefore best to have a contract drafted.
  • Divorce Actions and the subsequent legal requirements should it be contested.
  • Drafting of Settlement Agreements between spouses whishing to divorce without lengthy court proceedings over division of assets and child custody matters.
  • Protection Order Applications which once granted will protect yourself and / or your family against domestic violence.  We also offer representation in opposing proection order applications.
  • Representation in maintenance matters.  This includes the institution of applications for maintenance, the reduction or increase thereof and the opposition of such applications.
  • Representation in Children's Court matters.


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