Drafting of contracts / Contractual documents

The best way to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of an agreement are adhered to, is to reduce them to a written contract / agreement.  We believe that a properly drafted agreement can help avoid a variety of legal issues at a later stage.  Some of the contracts we can assist you with are:

  • Employment Contracts - These contracts include all conditions and terms applicable to the employment relationship.  It may also include non-disclosure and restriction of trade clauses.


  • Acknowledgment of Debt Agreements - This is an agreement which specifies the indebtedness of one party to another and lays out an agreed upon payment structure.  Should this agreement be breached, it would be the basis for further legal action.


  • Franchising Agreements - This agreement sets forth the legal rights and responsibilities of the franchisor and franchisee.


  • Lease agreements
  • Ante-Nuptial Contracts
  • Credit and Surety Contracts
  • Sale Agreements
  • General Business Agreements / Contracts


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